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'10mm' Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Posted: Sat Mar 13, 2021 2:47 pm
by Michael Stockin
I am reliving my youth and playing WFB 3rd edition but with 10mm (Pendraken and Kallistra).

Most of the army is Pendraken as that is what I bought first, but my 2 favourite units are Kallistra and oddly they have both been converted to be more Empire/Fantasy.

The first unit is my Pikes, which I printed some feathers on my 3d printer and stuck them on the helmets and added a banner:


The second is my unit of The Knights of the Black Rose.
They have kite shields, skull helmets, heavy armour, horse barding, lances and swords.
The models I bought did not have shields, or skull helmets and not all of them had barding or feathers/plumes.
I purchased some single shields from Pendraken and stuck them on.
I sliced the front off most of the helmets and filed them flat.
Then I got some of my own 15mm skulls and carefully sliced the front of the skulls off and stuck that onto the knights heads.
Then I added wreaths or feathers or plumes.
I also greenstuffed the barding on the banner bearer and added skulls and hour glasses to the barding on the horses.
It was certainly a bit more involved than normal but they may well be my favourite unit.


Next up I am converting a war wagon to be more in keeping with WFB...