Kallistra castle as rpg scenary

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Kallistra castle as rpg scenary

Post by Darctos » Mon Apr 20, 2015 6:39 pm

I'm new to this forum and haven't got any Kallistra products (yet :) ).

I was looking on the internet for a cool modulair castle to combine with my dwarvenforge scenary, this terrain is build based one pieces with the same size (2x2x2 inch or approxanetly 5x5x5 cm).

I think the castle walls are a good fit, but i was wondering how high they are.

Also i was wondering about the dimensions of the round and retangulair tower, the main gate and the keep.

Can someone tell me Some more about their size and perhaps even has some pictures? My mini's are in 30mm scale, so pics with Some of these mini's in them could give me a good sence of scale.


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Re: Kallistra castle as rpg scenary

Post by wargamer1979 » Sun May 03, 2015 1:30 pm

Hi Darctos

The castle wall battlements are 4cm high and each single hex wall length is 10cm the same as a hex side.

The space on the top of the main gate is 10cm x 5cm. I do not own the smaller tower. The round tower has 7cm diameter.

I think 30mm scale are ok with this scenery. I used to own some 28mm warhammer dwarfs and they looked quite good with
kallistras castle.

Hope this helps, best regards


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