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HHM shooting, impacts, hussite question

Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2020 7:12 pm
by julias666
Hi, got some questions about rules.

1- The rule says, if you are shooting (artilery and handgunds), you have to choose the closest enemy unit, but I read in one battle report that players had artillery duel on 7 hexes distance and other units were between them (closer than these artilleries). So do I have to shoot on the closest, or is there any exception for artillery?

2- impacts - if both units have impacts, does both of them get it? Or just the attacking one? (for the round when they make contact )

3- Hussite - a - ( maybe a stupid question ) .. there is no cost for hero general, but i gues its 15 ?
b- there is no percentage for wagon with bombard, are the percentages same as normal wagon have?


Re: HHM shooting, impacts, hussite question

Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2020 9:24 am
by Paul K
Hi Julias
1. Artillery can shoot at any target within range provided that they can trace a clear line of hexes to the target hex. However, artillery units must shoot at at any enemy unit moving into hex-to-hex contact in preference over any other potential target.
Small arms shooters must shoot at their closest target.

2. Yes, both units can use any applicable impact bonus on impact. The unit receiving the charge can be said to undertake a short counter-charge or prepare effectively to 'receive' the charge. Disrupted units cannot use any impact bonuses.

3. Yes, the cost of the Hero General should be 15.
b Yes they are the same as a normal war wagon.