Napoleonic: Attack the Russian gun line!

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Napoleonic: Attack the Russian gun line!

Post by Paul K » Mon Nov 29, 2021 10:01 am

Thanks to Dave for organising this game using his own bespoke Hexon terrain and extensive collection of Napoleonic miniatures. In this game we used a modified ‘Combat results Table’ in response to issues identified in our recent Napoleonic games which this new table would hopefully address. In this Scenario the Russian force had 3 infantry divisions which included 3 heavy gun batteries and 2 light gun batteries which formed a formidable gun line. The French had force also had 3 brigades; a central infantry division commanded by Tim, and 2 combined infantry and cavalry division supported by 4 light gun batteries commanded by Tony and Dave.
Chris and I deployed first taking advantage of the central elevated ground to fix our heavy gun batteries in position with the lighter guns accompanying our 2 flanking infantry division. The terrain was very open in the centre of the table and our plan was to dominate and control this vast expanse using our heavy guns. On either side of this central open ground were large areas of woodland which would provide excellent cover for the 2 flanking French divisions.
The French opening moves saw Tony and Dave advance on either flank behind the cover of the woods. In response, Chris and I moved our flanking infantry divisions into position to confront the French on either wing while keeping in line with our central gun position. Tim’s French infantry division was soon targeted by the multitude of Russian heavy guns as it advanced into the central open space – to cross this with infantry was a major challenge!
Tony’s division was first to make contact with my Russian infantry on the left. With three French cavalry units threatening to charge the advance Russian battalions formed square. The French light gun batteries soon then closed their range to ‘shoot ‘em up.’ Two of the three French light cavalry units charged and destroyed the Russian light gun battery and battalion of infantry but were stopped by Russian square. Other Russian infantry battalions turned their muskets onto the nearest unit of French cavalry demolishing it. However, while all this was happening Tony’s French infantry, light guns and third cavalry unit had advanced into a commanding position to destroy the rest of my Russian infantry division, the two light gun batteries pounding the Russian squares at close range.
On the other wing Chris’s infantry also formed square as a six strand unit of French cavalry moved around the edge of the woodland against them followed by columns of infantry. On this wing space was more restricted and Chris’s Russian infantry held their position pretty well but not without a fair degree of sacrifice once the French infantry moved into musket range.
In the centre despite all his valiant efforts, Tim’s French infantry were unable to make much progress in the face of the massed Russian guns. This did enable the Russian guard division in the centre to switch its attention across to Tony’s infantry and engage in a brutal musketry dual inflicting noticeable damage on both sides.
My Russian infantry division on the left next disappeared of the table fleeing quicker than ‘shit through a goose’ due to the final blow from Tony’s well co-ordinated combined arms attack. At this point the game had still a lot further to run but unfortunately game time was running short and we had to conclude the game with the French definitely holding the upper-hand.
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