WW2 1944 Scenario

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WW2 1944 Scenario

Post by Paul K » Mon Jul 22, 2019 10:54 am

This was a large club game using the hex-based adaptation of the Command Decision WWII rule set with all terrain and miniatures provided by Dave Mack from his extensive collection.

In this scenario the German commanders were given the task of clearing the road which snaked across the battlefield of British defenders, which were signified by numbered markers, 20% of which were ‘dummies’. As soon as any of these markers were ‘spotted’ by German units or chose to move or open fire, the composition of the units had to be revealed and the appropriate models placed on the table.

Opening Moves
The German forces soon appeared ‘on mass’ with a convoy of troop carrying SDKFZs and Panzer MKIV tanks and made a very quick advance along the two roads leading to the intersection. From this point the road headed straight through the middle of the British deployment zone. This was ‘good tank country’ with flat open ground to the left of the road punctuated by a few relatively small areas of woodland. To the right of the road there were fields, hedgerows and a clutter of small hills which gave better infantry cover and was therefore less favourable for tanks.
German commanders place the units
The British markers soon stopped the German advance as units rolled dice to try and identify the British units. The fear of British anti-tank guns played into the hands of the defenders as they were able to bring down mortar fire on the advanced German units, but this only succeeded in causing minimal damage and suppression.
Panzer MKIV tanks advance along the road towards the British positions
British markers signify their positions 20% of which are dummies!
A psychological game was being played on the Germans because at this early stage the Brits only had infantry sections on the table and just 3 PIAT short range anti-tank weapons in total. The German infantry disembarked from their transports to the left and right of the road taking advantage of any cover available. In response, the British infantry started to reveal itself as the advanced sections started to withdraw leaving the ‘dummy’ markers to be quickly identified. The German advance continued only to be halted by the appearance of British tanks. One of Tim’s MK IV’s was taken out by the 76mm gun of a newly arrived Sherman. This however, had the same effect as a red rag to a bull as 5 more MKIV’s quickly advanced to take on the new arrivals.
The German infantry disembark into the woods
British mortars land on German positions
Within a couple of moves the left-hand side of the table had turned into a tank v tank shooting gallery as more British tanks arrived. A Sherman firefly arrived to lend its support and was immediately dispatched. The German tank gunners after initially being on the receiving end, soon found their targets and the table was soon littered with burning Shermans!
British tank reinforcements arrive on the table edge
British infantry open fire revealing their unit composition
Meanwhile, the infantry of both sides were still just starting to get engaged. A British HMG machine gun section was caught in the open but decided to set-up and use its vickers mg to stop the advance of a German infantry section. The nearby German tanks ignored it and its accompanying infantry as they were too busy popping-off very successfully at the British tanks.
Panzer MKIV taken out by Sherman 76mm gun
More German Panzers advance against the newly arrived British tanks
A couple more game turns and the battlefield was pretty much littered with burning tanks. The armour of both sides had shot its opponents to death and the infantry of green and grey was cowering in cover and acting as the audience for burning tank firework display!
Another Panzer IV destroyed leaving the last functioning German tank in the Hex behind
The British side is littered with burning Shermans!
The game which had started slowly quickly turned into a fast and furious tank killing session which only slowed down when there were virtually no tanks on either side left to kill. Anyway, great fun was had by all!
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Re: WW2 1944 Scenario

Post by Norm » Tue Jul 30, 2019 4:36 am

Thanks, enjoyed the action report, I do like Dave Mack's set up.

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