Teutonic Order v WOTR Yorkists (round 2)

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Teutonic Order v WOTR Yorkists (round 2)

Post by Paul K » Thu Oct 31, 2019 8:12 pm

After the recent epic and very close game between these two armies, we had to have a re-match – same armies, different terrain layout. We shuffled the players around using the dice – top 3 scores (Mike, Dave and I), v bottom 3 scores (Tony, Chris and Alex). The first three got the Yorkists and the Bottom three the Teutons.
Teutonic army advances along the road and atop the 8-hex hill
The Yorkist longbow line advances with Bill and mounted men at arms following up.
The Teutons deployed first and moved first and used their first tactical move to steel as much ground as possible. We (the Yorkists), knew that their infantry in the centre would stop their advance as soon as they occupied the forward slope of the central 8 hex hill. The 3 units of mounted Teutonic crossbow advanced quickly to harass the extreme left wing of the Yorkists. On the other wing, where I was commanding bill and longbow units, to my surprise, the Teutonic spearmen and a unit of Teutonic knights continued to advance. This forced me to re-think the position of my line of longbow units.
The Longbows engage in a shooting match with the crossbows behind the pavises on the front slope of the 8-hex hill.
The mounted crossbow engaged in a cat and mouse battle with 2 units of Yorkist hobilars and 2 units of mounted men-at-arms. Meanwhile, the longbow units in the centre advanced to engage in a missile fight with the Teutonic crossbows defending the hill. The pavisses of the crossbows did negate much of the effect of the longbow shooting, but in response the crossbow shot very well, recoiling and fleeing three longbow units.
Mounted men at arms charge against the crossbows
Time for a tactical discussion!
On my wing I spent 2 tactical movement phases re-organising my billmen units to try and hopefully pull the unit of Teutonic knights and their only general on that wing into the woods. However, while I was faffing about doing this Alex sent his Teutonic spears into hand-to-hand combat with my now out of position longbow line. To say that my longbow shot badly would be an understatement and only the supporting bill units prevented a complete route.
The Teutonic spearmen attack the line of longbows
A unit of Yorkist mounted men at arms breaks into the line of crossbows, only to be attacked by Teutonic knights
In centre 4 units of mounted men-at-arms and supporting billmen charged into the crossbows on the hill. This was the start of an epic struggle which was to suck in the reserves of both sides. Although half the crossbow units were soon lost 2 units of Teutonic knights and more spear units successfully plugged the gap and the hill was firmly held.
The fight for control of the wood!
On our extreme left Mike had successfully pushed back the depleted mounted crossbow units towards the centre and took up position next to the central hill and added their missile shooting to the remainder of the Teutonic crossbows. This shooting, in turn, prevented 2 units of mounted men-at-arms from coming to support the now crumbling Yorkist centre.
The Teutonic knights prepare their final glorious charge!
On my right-wing I finally managed to trap Tony’s unit of Teutonic knights and there general in hand-to-hand combat with 2 of my bill units and a general. A victory here would take the whole of the Teutonic left wing out of command and control. Instead I lost! Alex’s double 6 di roll of the follow-up combat was the final roll of the game. The Yorkists were well beaten now both in the centre and the right with no way of reversing this position. Game over!
The final defeat of the Yorkist infantry and their last stand in the small area of woodland.
Game Analysis
The Teutonic commanders used their mounted crossbows to keep valuable Yorkist units busy while they concentrated 3 of their 4 generals and their strongest units in the centre. This tactic enabled them to withstand the Yorkist charge, then go on to win the resulting battle of attrition. My infantry on the right shot badly and fought poorly as I failed to secure control or retain key terrain features. In contrast the Teutons used the terrain well and were willing to sacrifice units to maintain their terrain advantage.
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