Participation Games listed at Hammerhead 2015

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Participation Games listed at Hammerhead 2015

Post by Sally » Mon Feb 09, 2015 3:27 pm

Many thanks to all the clubs, organisations and individuals who are bringing their participation games along to Hammerhead 2015. There are 46 games/activities booked into the main central gaming area of the venue. With a good mix of genre and scales, we are sure you'll find a selection of games you would like to play.

A Very British Discovery - VBCW Rules - A Very British Civil Forum

Assault on Reveski Redoubt - Forest Outlaws Wargamers

Battle of the Marne -12mm - Raging Empire Rules - Kallistra

Beyond the Gates of Antares - Warlord Games

Border Rievers - Forest Outlaws Wargamers

Cold War: The German Counter Attack - Manoeuvre Group (144th moderns) - KB Club

Command Horizon - 6mm - Wargames Emporium

Crossed Lance Medieval - Crossed Lance

Dawn's 28mm Painting - Young Nottingham Wargamers

Dead Man's Hand - Great Escape Games

Dead's Army - Peterborough Wargames Club

Dogfights with a Difference (WWII air combat) - Grantham Strategy Club

El Cid - 28mm - Young Nottingham Wargamers

Fatephur Indian Mutiny - Grimsby Wargames Society

Get to the Choppa! - 28mm - Royal Air Force Wargaming Association (RAFWA)

Gruntz take on Godzzilla - Leicester Phat Cats

In Her Majesty's Name- Chesterfield Open Gaming Society (GCN)

Kings of War - Chesterfield Realms of War (GCN)

Mad Max - Stop the Truck - Mad Max v Humongous

Mike Salwey's Painting Clinic - 6mm and 12mm

Oldhammer/Where's Wally? - 28mm - Bingham & District Wargamers

Operation Tidal Wave - Tumbling Dice

Quatre heures à Quatre Bras - Derby Wargames Associates

Rescue the 'Nighthawk' - Sarge Wargames Doncaster

Retinue and Ribauld - 28mm - Lion Rampant Rules- South East Scotland Wargamers

Robin Hood - Forest Outlaws Wargamers

Sails of Glory - Wings of Glory Aerodrome Forum

Samurai Blades - 40mm - Wyvern Wargamers

Skirmish at Northleach 1265 - Medieval Lion Rampant Rules - Sons of Simon DeMontfort

Small Skirmishes in Normandy - Lincoln Miniature Warfare Society

Soldiers of Yesterday - 28mm - 7TV Rules - Dragoon's Den

Sopwith - WWI Aerial Combat - Sons of Simon DeMontfort

Space Hulk- 3D - Forest Outlaws Wargamers

Star Wars - Forest Outlaws Wargamers

Star Wars Assault on Station NE-14 - KB Club

The Battle of Entombe River - 'Like a Stone Wall' Wargames Group

The Ghost Squadron - Lancaster Wargames Club

The Poney Wars - 28mm - The Rules With No Name - The 3 Shires

Trouble at Mall - Pulp Alley - Sally 4th Gamers

Trouble in IBIS - Doncaster Wargames Society

War & Conquest - 28mm - Scarab Miniatures

Warzone Resurrection - Prodos Games Crusaders

Wild West Exodus - Chesterfield Realms of War (GCN)

WWI Airwar - Wings of Glory Aerodrome Forum

WWII - Wings of Glory Aerodrome Forum

Zulu! - 54mm - Young Nottingham Wargamers

Quite a selection I'm sure you'll agree!

Come along and roll some dice!

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