Warfare November 2014 - Last show of 2014

Details of Show attended in 2014
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Warfare November 2014 - Last show of 2014

Post by Sally » Tue Jun 03, 2014 11:16 am

Kallistra's last show of 2014

We will be at Warfare, in Reading on 15th - 16th November at the Rivermead Sports Complex, Richfield Avenue, Reading. RG1 8EQ

Our ranges are so extensive it is impossible for us to carry large quantities of any single code. So, to avoid disappointment; if you know what’s on your Kallistra shopping list, please, e-mail your requests in advance, or use the show pre-order facility on the website.

Orders to us by Wednesday 12th November please.

We will bring your order along so you can collect it at your convenience, at some point during the day.

If you want to see particular items please let us know, and we’ll bring them along for you to view.

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