Forum Rules - Please read

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Forum Rules - Please read

Post by Sally » Tue Nov 05, 2013 12:20 pm

The Kallistra forum provides the opportunity for debate, discussion and dissemination of information on a wide variety of topics including; rule systems, games, army composition, painting, modelling, terrain, storage and transportation of miniatures, new and future releases, wargaming events and shows etc.

We want to keep this forum informative, friendly and fun, so please follow the few simple rules and guidelines outlined below. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to the forum and its use please contact us.

- Copyrighted material should not be posted without seeking appropriate permission unless it is owned by yourself or Kallistra.

- Spamming and trolling is not permitted.

- All posts must be suitable for everyone and anyone to view, so please avoid rudeness, insults profanities etc.

- Usernames must not advertise or display a company name.

- Please do not use the forum promoting ebay sales/notifications, trading etc.

- The forum user has full and sole responsibility for the content of any messages posted and Kallistra will not accept responsibility for the content, accuracy or legitimacy of posted information.

- Kallistra reserves the right to reproduce or publish any written or visual information posted on the forum without seeking prior permission, and to remove and or edit any posted information, which in our opinion affects the general well-being of the forum.

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