Hammerhead 2016 Trader list

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Hammerhead 2016 Trader list

Post by Sally » Thu Jan 14, 2016 3:55 pm

All available trade space around the perimeter has been allocated. The central area of the exhibition hall has been reserved for participation games and tabletop sales.

We have, for you, a terrific selection of the very best manufacturers and traders selling a wide variety of wargaming wares, miniatures, terrain and scenery, books and gaming accessories.... (Click on the link to visit their website).

1st Corps - http://www.1stcorps.co.uk/
Ainsty Casting - http://www.ainsty-castings.co.uk/
Ancient and Modern - http://www.ancient-modern.co.uk/
Baccus 6mm - https://www.baccus6mm.com/
Baggage Train - http://the-baggagetrain.com/
Barwell Boby Shop - http://www.barwellbodyworks-shop.com/index.php
Black Pyramid Gaming - http://www.blackpyramid.co.uk/
Caliver Books - http://www.caliverbooks.com/
Colonel Bills - http://www.colonelbills.com/
Crooked Dice Games - New for 2016 http://www.crooked-dice.co.uk/wp/
Curteys Miniatures - http://curteysminiatures.co.uk/
Dave Thomas (Perry Miniatures etc) - http://stores.ebay.co.uk/The-Dave-T-Shop
David Lanchester Military Books - http://www.davidlanchestermilitarybooks.co.uk/index.php
Early War Miniatures - http://earlywarminiatures.com/
Empress Miniatures - New for 2016 http://www.empressminiatures.com/
Figures in Comfort - http://www.figuresincomfort.net/
Glenbrook Games and Painting Service - http://www.glenbrookgames.co.uk/
Graham's Wuerkshoppe https://www.facebook.com/pages/Grahams- ... 9322138273
Great Escape Games - http://www.greatescapegames.co.uk/
Hawk Wargames - http://www.hawkwargames.com/
Hysterical Games - New for 2016 http://www.hystericalgames.co.uk/
Kallistra - http://www.kallistra.co.uk
Lancashire Games - New for 2016 http://www.joomla.lancashiregames.com/joomla/
Last Valley
Lesleys Bits Box & KR Multicases - http://lesleysbitsbox.co.uk/index.html
Magnetic Displays/Coritani - http://www.magneticdisplays.co.uk/
Miniature Wargames with Battlegames - http://miniaturewargames.co.uk/
Minibits - http://www.minibits.net/
Otherworld Miniatures - http://otherworldminiatures.co.uk/
Pendraken - http://www.pendraken.co.uk/
Red Eagle Miniatures - http://www.redeagleminiatures.co.uk/
Redoubt Enterprises - http://www.redoubtenterprises.com/
Reiver Castings - http://reivercasting.wordpress.com/
Sally 4th - New for 2016 http://wargamesbuildings.co.uk/
Scarab Miniatures - http://scarabminiatures.com/
Shellhole Scenics - http://shellholescenics.co.uk/
Studio Miniatures - New for 2016 http://www.studiominiatures.com
Timecast - New for 2016 http://www.timecastmodels.co.uk/
Tumbling Dice - http://www.tumblingdiceuk.com/
Warbases - http://www.warbases.co.uk/
Wargames Emporium - http://www.wargamesemporium.co.uk/
Wargames Illustrated - http://wargamesillustrated.co.uk/
Warlord Games - http://www.warlordgames.com/
Zinge Industries - http://zinge.co.uk/

For all the information on the Hammerhead 2016 show, visit the dedicated website: http://www.hammerheadshow.co.uk or 'Like' us on Facebook:Hammerhead Show Facebook page :D

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