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Kallistra specialise in the design, development and production of wargames miniatures, terrain, rule systems and wargaming accessories. All our metal miniatures are cast to the highest standards using lead free pewter. We supply wargaming products worldwide to the discerning wargamer and collector.

We hope you enjoy looking around the site. There are lots of features including Rules Support, Hexon grids to help plan your battlefield and massive photo collections. You can now follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and watch the Kallistra YouTube Channel where you'll find lots of great clips and videos!

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Hammerhead Re-scheduled - Now on 28th April at Newark Showground
Please have your show preorders to us by Tuesday 24th April. 
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19 packs of Early War WW1 Austro-Hungarians now available:

19 packs of Austro-hungarians now available

Click here for more information 


The WW1 Russian Cossacks are now available:

New Cossacks now available

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A new narrated video about the 1917 Battle of Cambrai is now available to view:
Battle of Cambrai

Single height slopes are now back in stock. 

A1 slopeB1 slopeC1 Slope

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7 more packs now available to order from our Early WW1 Austro-Hungarian range.

7 more packs of WW1 Austro-Hungarians now available

Click here to view the full Austro-Hungarian Early WW1 range



First eight packs form the WW1 Early War Austro-Hungarian range available to order. 

WW1-AH01  Infantry Advancing inc. Command

WW1-AH02  Infantry Firing & Loading inc. Command

WW1-AH03  Heavy Machine Gun and Crew

WW1-AH06  Dragoons

WW1-AH08  Dismounted Dragoons Firing

WW1-AH09  Hussar Cavalry

WW1-AH11  Dismounted Hussars Firing

WW1-AH16  Casualties

1st 8 packs of WW1 Austro-Hungarians now available

Click here to view the full Austro-Hungarian Early WW1 range


WW1 Austro-Hungarian Uhlan cavalry mounted and dismounted firing - ready for master moulding.

Austro-Hungarian Uhlan Cavalry masters

Austro-Hungarian dismounted Uhlan Cavalry masters


WW1 Russian dismounted cavalry, Limber teams and casualties packs now available to order. 

WW1-RU07 Russian Early War Infantry Casualties

WW1-RU08 Russian Early War 76.2mm Field Guns, Teams and Limbers

WW1-RU010 Russian Early War Dismounted Cavalry Firing

New Russian additions tot he WW1 Range

Click here to view the full Russian WW1 range


New Hordes and Heroes Medieval Samurai 

Another pack just added to the Medieval Samurai Range - H-9011 Mounted Samurai with Yari

(Pack comes with 16 figures and 4 x bases)

H-9011 Mounted Samurai with Yari

Click here to view the full Samurai range


British MkIV male and female tanks (12mm 1:144 scale) now available to order. Cast in lead free pewter, these are easy to assemble multipart sets.

MKIV Male WW1 TankThe New Addition to the WW1 Range - MkIV Female tank

For more information click here: New WW1 Tanks

Latest YouTube upload

The March of the Undead - The Undead are confronted by the Saxon defenders!


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