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Battle of  Antietam


About Hexon Terrain Boards

Hexon Terrain boards are precision moulded in high impact polymer, making them strong, tough and durable, at the same time light-weight. They are stackable, leaving enough space between for surface details, flocking and low level terrain features. Each tile interlocks with the next. Clips are provided, to enable tiles to be locked securely together (from the underside) into the desired terrain configuration. Hexon II Terrain System is quick and easy to assemble. Hexon II provides a modular, versatile and cost effective terrain system.


(Hexagon dimensions: 100mm across flats)

A Hexon BoardAssembly of Boards

They can be used for any table top game system that uses, or can be adapted to use hexagons as a means of providing fast, efficient movement of units, ships, vehicles etc. and ranging of weapons, on land, sea, air and space. They can be used for historical, fantasy or science fiction based games. Suitable for 6mm, 12mm, 15mm, 28mm in fact any scale miniature! The boards can be painted and flocked. The textured upper surface provides for good adhesion for most paints, glues and flocking materials. Terrain features, such as, mountains, hills, roads, rivers, trenches etc can be added on top of the boards as required see Hexon Scenics for full range

Available in Black, Brown, Blue, Green (Noch 50210), Green/Earth, Two Tone Green/Earth,
Desert flocked and Desert Transition

Black Hexon Box Brown BoxBlue Box set

Green box setHexon Green/Earth Box SetTriple 7 box setDesert Box setDesert Transition Box set

Each box set contains 21 Hexon Boards, sufficient to cover an area of 3ft x 4ft, (90cm x 120cm) approx. Clips are included.

All this fits into a box measuring: 12" x 10" x 10" (300mm x 254 x 254mm) approx.

Now that's space efficiency!

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Hexon GridTM Paper

Looking for Hexon Grids to help plan your terrain layout? 

We have designed a range of Hexon Grids to help you plan your battlefield layout. We have often been asked how many boxes are required for a particular table size. The actual number of boards used for a particular layout does vary depending on the board orientation. Below is a sample of different layouts, we hope the Hexon Grids will help you in planning your battlefield. 

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Hexon Hex Grids


Note: Please be reminded that due to lighting effects and monitor's brightness/contrast settings etc, the colour tone of the website photos and the actual items may be slightly different.

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