Hexon GridTM Paper 

Looking for Hexon Grids to help plan your terrain layout? 

We have designed a range of Hexon Grids to help you plan your battlefield layout. We have often been asked how many boxes are required for a particular table size. The actual number of boards used for a particular layout does vary depending on the board orientation. Below is a sample of different layouts, we hope the Hexon Grids will help you in planning your battlefield. 

Click here to download your Hexon Grid

Hexon Hex Grids



Hordes & Heroes Ancient and Medieval Support

Hordes and Heroes Ancients and Medieval rules   Hordes and Heroes Ancients Army list Hordes and Heroes Medieval Army list

For help with Hordes and Heroes Ancient and Medieval rules, frequently asked questions, Click here


Hordes & Heroes Quick Reference Sheet Generator

The Quick Reference Sheet Generator allows you to produce a Quick Reference Sheet (QRS) for your two select armies and print all the nessessary information including the Combat Results Table on one sheet of paper.

For the HH Ancient
Quick Reference Sheet GeneratorTM  - Click here

For the HH Medieval 
Quick Reference Sheet GeneratorTM  - Click here

For the HH Fantasy 
Quick Reference Sheet Generator 
 - Click here

Example of an  Ancients Quick Reference Sheet Example of a Medieval Quick Reference Sheet Example of a FANTASY Quick Reference Sheet

Space Dreadnought 3000 Support

SD3K Frequently Asked Questions - Click here
If, after visiting these support pages, you have not had your question answered, please use the contact form and we will respond as soon as possible. Click here.


Note: Please be reminded that due to lighting effects and monitor's brightness/contrast settings etc, the colour tone of the website photos and the actual items may be slightly different.

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