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Preparing and Flocking Hexon Boards


First things first...wash the Hexon II boards in warm soapy water, to remove any release agents that may be present from the manufacturing process. Ensure the surface is clean and dry before proceeding to the next stage.


Wash the boards in warm soapy water   dry the board thouroughly



The brown boards do not require painting before flocking. Black and Blue boards can be painted prior to flocking if required. The upper surface of the board has a textured finish to allow good paint and glue adhesion.

In the example shown below using a black Hexon board, we have used a domestic emulsion paint, readily available from DIY stores (Dulux vinyl matt emulsion, colour:30YY23246, Salisbury Stone, for the base coat. However, the boards can be painted using a wide variety of paint types which can be applied by spray or brush.(Please follow manufacturers advice and instructions when using these products). This Hexon board will be used as a land terrain board.

Apply the paint evenly to the upper surface and the edges of the board if required. Once the paint has dried, the boards are now ready for flocking.


Painting the boards using household emulsion



Apply a coat of new PVA* glue (available from most model/DIY shops), evenly over the upper surface of the board. If the glue is too thick, dilute with a little water, and mix thoroughly. 

*PVA glue is best used when new and fresh because it loses its adhesive qualities over time, especially if it has been stored in a cold place such as a garage or shed over a winter period.


Apply a coat of PVA glue evenly


Applying the Flocking Material

Apply the various flocking materials as required

Sprinkle silver sand (available from DIY/model shops) over some leaving some space for green flock to be added later. Tap off the excess sand back into the sand tray.


Sprinkle silver sand on to the surface   Tap off the excess sand


Then sprinkle static flock over remaining areas of the board. Here we have used light green static grass (Noch: 50210).


Sprinkle static flock   


Tap off the excess flock back into the flock tray, and leave in a warm, level place to dry.


  Tap off excess flock


Completed terrain board


Any residual flock can be brushed off when the board is dry.


There's several Sample layouts- click here


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Note: Please be reminded that due to lighting effects and monitor's brightness/contrast settings etc, the colour tone of the website photos and the actual items may be slightly different.

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